XPlain Consulting

About Xplain Consulting

XPLAIN Consulting is a Walnut Creek consulting firm founded by Martin Shmagin. Having worked in consulting for many years, Martin was inspired by the outreach of former clients to start a specialized consulting firm. Since he has worked for many small and large public and private companies in the past, Martin knew he wanted his new firm to be nimble; with a large emphasis on a tailored, unique approach and education of his clients.

XPLAIN, in a nutshell

XPLAIN Consulting provides staffing firms with tailored consulting services focusing on Finance, Operations and Human Resources.  We work with businesses at critical junctures in their lifecycle including: starting a business, growing a business and turning a business around.


The focus of XPLAIN business is two pronged: Deeply analyze each individual company to fully understand its unique problems as well as highlight its strengths.  In addition to receiving highly specialized and attentive strategies, the client will be educated on the full process, top to bottom. It is the belief of XPLAIN that educating the client on all aspects of the strategy is pivotal in making lasting changes.

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