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Client Promisewhiteline

Our clients are at the center of XPLAIN. We understand each client is unique and that they require a different, special and precise approach to come up with solutions to their toughest problems and uncover their business strengths.  Our experience across a magnitude of sectors gives XPLAIN a well-rounded background and understanding of business, providing us with a one-of-a-kind perspective and the knowledge to make our clients’ businesses succeed.  What sets XPLAIN apart from other consulting firms is our promise to not just answer some of your toughest business questions, but educate our clients on each subject along the way.



Our Methodology

We have created a unique methodology specific to small businesses based upon three key areas: Finance, Operations and Human Resources. We conduct a thorough business review to deeply explore each area and gain an in-depth understanding of the business. The end result is a unique and tailored action plan that outlines a full approach for the client’s success.



Breakdown of Unique Serviceswhiteline

We have developed three programs that are designed for each critical stage in a small businesses lifecycle. Below are descriptions of each program. Note that each program will be unique and completely tailored to each business situation.

Starting a business

3 months

When starting a new business, it is critical to get started on the right foot. We help new businesses to set up and create an efficient system to keep them ahead of their goals.  In addition to providing financial, operational and human resource support, we can help answer some tough questions such as:

• Home office or rent a space?
• Hire employees or contractors?
• Take out a loan or open a line of credit?

Growing a business

6 months

Whether you are ready to hire your first full time employee, transition your company from 5 to 15 or are looking to increase profit margins or revenue, this is the package for you.  During this critical business phase it is important to make sure your systems and infrastructure are healthy and ready for larger capacities.

Turning a business around

12 months

Business not growing as planned? Is your company in trouble? That is where XPLAIN comes in. We specialize in finding the small nuances that make the difference between a healthy, growing business and a sick one. Through careful analysis of the financials, operations and human resources, we can create a strategy that will make a long and impactful difference on the future of the company.

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